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At ZINK, I was able to expand my knowledge base to include U/X design and layout for iOS and Andriod devices. We launched three ZINK apps to the Google Play, Apple app store, and Amazon with development teams in the US and India. The apps give functionality and content to the ZINK hAppy smart app printer.

ZINK Design & Print Studio™

The ZINK Design and Print Studio™ app is a specially designed companion to the ZINK hAppy product line, making creating and printing even easier and bringing organization and creativity to your fingertips. The hAppy+ smart app printer has a version the ZINK Studio as it’s core app.


With the ZINK Big™ app, it’s easy to print large prints from a tiny printer. Import your photos from your device’s photo albums, Facebook™, or Instagram™, select the final print size and mode, and press print.  The app automatically enlarges your photo and divides it into strips that when joined will create a large print.  The app also allows you to select various strip modes for printing.

Mail Easy™

The ZINK MailEasy™ app creates labels for addresses at the touch of a button. Simply select or create a design, and connect MailEasy to your online contacts. With a single tap you’ll be printing labels and soon be in touch with anyone or everyone!