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These Shoes

ProjectWarren Farm Flims



This was my first project creating supers for video usage. Working with the film’s director we devised a conceptual credit treatment for “These Shoes” using name badge buttons photographed during the many camera shoots. “These Shoes” was filmed at the wonderfully colorful and full of character, Ralph’s Diner, in Worcester Massachusetts. This short abstract conceptual music video is based on that feeling you get when a song is so good it makes you want to dance! To relax and truly react to something simple, sometimes we have to remove inhibiting superficial focuses. You are welcome to leave your identity behind and step into these shoes. Hop around with us as we enjoy wandering through this special spot on our way up to the live concert upstairs. Music is universal, it unites us as friends and we encourage you to let loose, freak out, jump in and come to life as you have fun dancing along with these shoes (dancing at home is encouraged).

Here is the video to enjoy. Just click play!