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Graphic designer for 13 years (1997-2010) for the brand as it grew exponentially. Responsibilities  expanded in a decade’s time as lots of new design projects and other department requirements were added: marketing campaigns, retail graphics, retail fixtures, displays, a first version of fresh.com, and new product lines. With Alina Roytberg’s creative lead, we designed packaging for over 200 SKUs for haircare, bath, skincare, and cosmetic products in boxes, tubes, jars, and bottles. As a designer working with patterns that gave me the opportunity to learn, create, colorize, and choose the “just right” color combination. Prototyped packaging as needed for photography and other PR and Sales uses. Troubleshot any color and production issues printing on and off press.

Created and printed corporate-themed marketing materials for presentations, conferences and trade shows graphics each year. Responsible for the creation and implementation of Point of Purchase visuals and fixtures at retailers: Sephora, Neiman Marcus and Fresh brand locations. Designed eye-catching seasonal visual updates for Fresh’s Asian Markets: Korea, Hong Kong and Taiwan. The retail visuals that tie images, color, pattern and product together to tell a complying story as each update was key to the success at smaller counters in department stores. Oversaw design departmental procedures and approval processes while looked to improve workflow and  solved issues before they occurred. Charged with managing department budgets while both maintaining quality and lowering costs.